About us




We are two french lovers passionate about travels and natural sights. We chose to take life against the flow and decided to go on a roadtrip across Europe with Harrison, our campervan. We were complete newbies but we converted it all by ourselves. We hit the road in april 2017 for a 6 months trip. Enthusiast about minimalism, we wished a life superfluous less.

We will share with you our campervan adventures but not only this. We like to travel in a lot of different way. We especially enjoy nature but we also like to spend weekends in a new city.
This blog is also a place where you can all share and collaborate with us. Don’t hesitate to comment or to write us an email, we will be pleased to answer!

We’ve decided to share everything with you: Our trips, the conversion of our campervan and our life in our litle home on wheels. You’ll also be able to find here some reflection articles about vanlife, nomadism or the evolution of our ways of consumption.